Welcome to the AXS Hov'hurgh!

The year is 2383. Battleship Hov’hurgh, proud prototype of the Alliance, wages glorious battle against a new threat, alongside its noble ally the United Federation of Planets. Chancellor Martok leads the Empire into an era of glory and the songs of mighty warriors thunder in the halls of Sto'vo'kor.

In the midst of the war, seeking to counter the arsenal, ability and reach of the new, daunting threat, the engineers and scientists of the war-proven crew construct a time dilation device and vanish during the preliminary testing. No trace of the A.X.S Hov’hurgh is ever found and the program is terminated. An event only known of in the realm of shadow and whispers, it seems an ignoble end to the mighty vessel and her honorable crew.

The year is 2409. The Empire wages pointless war against our brothers in the Federation, as well as countless other enemies looking to wipe the Klingon Empire from the galactic map. Borg, Q, and even the Feh’klr regularly challenge their existence; but a small number included in a long list of foes.

Although far from a mission of peace, the Hov’hurgh’s HoD VaQ’taj understands the need for diplomacy in a time filled with fat and lazy bureaucrats that forward the shady agendas of those with enough latinum to assuage their greed; operating more like Ferengi bankers than the proud warriors that they once were. She sees that peace is sometimes less foolhardy than war, especially against a worthy and honorable ally in the looming conflict to defeat a looming darkness.

Drawn by an unknown force into a day and age where anything is possible and nothing is certain, not even reality, will they bring the once great Empire back from the brink of collapse? Will they be able to stop the enemies that lurk in the shadows of the galaxy?

The blood of warriors cries for justice as they are cheated of their places of honor in the afterlife. The Hov’hurgh answers the call to battle once more, to right the wrongs done, to expose the treacherous targs in their midst, and once more bring the mighty Alliance back to do battle against a foe greater than any known before.

The odds are against us, our foes are legion, and our allies few! The battles will be glorious!

Join us, Warrior! And let us sing to the renewed glory of the Klingon Empire!

Latest Mission Posts

» The Great Hall: Let the Festivities Begin!

Mission: Heroes of the Hov'hurgh
Posted on Mon Apr 26th, 2021 @ 10:10pm by Lieutenant Frederick Carlow & General VaQ'taj Lon'HocH'tul & Colonel JoH'qIj Lon'HocH'tul & Fleet Admiral T'Vyn sol-N'tae

Like castles from the old story, the Great Hall aboard the Hov’Hurgh was a grand affair. And while the Hov’Hurgh belonged to her sister, the hall and attached Galley was Mack's domain. And tonight she was in a good mood. This was something that few understood about her, no matter…

» Doctor, Doctor

Mission: Heroes of the Hov'hurgh
Posted on Mon Apr 26th, 2021 @ 10:05pm by Lieutenant Frederick Carlow

Frederick Carlow did as he was ordered. Walking through the passageways of the Hov’hurgh he would often smile and wave at passers by. This of course didn’t sit well with some of the more rigid Klingons. Others either more used to dealing with alien races or just more happy go…

» Patient Transfers, Part 1: Doctor’s Escort

Mission: Heroes of the Hov'hurgh
Posted on Mon Apr 26th, 2021 @ 10:03pm by Lieutenant Frederick Carlow

As the doors of the turbolift closed, Doctor Thoren looked around and shook his head. Never in his life did he think that he’d be on a Klingon vessel, much less one that greeted them as friends and allies. Or one that looked so... different. He wasn’t so young that…

» Impressive Landing, Part 2: Greetings

Mission: Heroes of the Hov'hurgh
Posted on Mon Apr 26th, 2021 @ 10:01pm by Lieutenant Frederick Carlow

The massive flight deck of the IKS Hov’Hurgh had been rapidly and grandly appointed for the tense meeting. Large black, orange and gold banners emblazoned with the ship symbol, hung from from massive hooks along the tall bulkhead walls, as well as Alliance banners, Empire banners and smaller ones from…

» Impressive Landing, Part 1: Round Peg, Square Hole

Mission: Heroes of the Hov'hurgh
Posted on Mon Apr 26th, 2021 @ 9:59pm by Lieutenant Frederick Carlow

Colonel JoH’qIj awoke rested and refreshed that morning. Even though he was awoken several hours early by his HoD and mate. Never one to delay his duties, he began readying himself for another day of work. First checking his Datapad for orders, he found the first item on the list…